Office hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm VOOVit helpline: 0151 924 4455

Office hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm 0151 924 4455

These charges will only be applied if they are incurred. All can be avoided.
Additional charges for shipments to UK and Europe

Additional Charges

For details of what is included in the price you pay to along with any exclusions please see the registration/quotation email.

The following additional charges will only be applied in specific circumstances.

Additional Box Delivery The first delivery of boxes is included in the price. If you need more boxes and require another delivery you will be charged £20.00 per delivery.
Wasted Journey If we call to collect your boxes on the day you instruct and you are not at home or the boxes are not ready you will be charged £15.00.
Unable to deliver If we are unable to deliver your shipment because there is no one home re-delivery will be attempted, usually the following working day; there is no extra charge for this second delivery attempt. If however there continues to be no one home on subsequent delivery attempts the shipment will either be returned to the origin address or held in storage at a local depot for a short period, we reserve the right to charge a minimum of £10.00 per day for storage plus additional fee's for return shipment of the items.
Mis-Declaration If you despatch more items than you have paid for, or any single item exceeds 30kg or has dimensions greater than you have declared a charge of 30% above the rate for the whole consignment of Boxes shall apply. This will be applied for each box that has been mis-declared.
Re-packing of boxes If we have to re-pack boxes prior to onward shipment a minimum charge of £60.00 per box will be applied.
Document Amendment If after you have completed the on-line documentation, this could be either the destination details or the packing list, and changes are required there is a £15.00 minimum charge. You will receive full written instructions on completion of the form with the email you receive on payment of the deposit, this is in addition to help available on the form being completed and this website.
Storage in the UK If you tell us to store your boxes we will charge £10.00 per week or part. This amount will increase for consignments of 11 or more boxes. You will also pay an additional fee to bring the boxes to our storage facility. Contact us for details of this fee.
Marking boxes / Box identification If you do not write your name and address on the boxes or write a name other than your own without advising us there is a minimum charge of £20.00 per box for marking and identification.
Boxes not labelled We will send you labels for each box being despatched. Boxes given to the driver without labels may be lost or mis-routed, accepts no liability in such cases. A charge of £5.00 per box may be applied for locating and labelling should boxes not have the labels attached.
Cancellation Fee VOOVit reserve the right to make a charge of £15.00 against any refunds. This is in addition to any other deductions that may be made to take account of any work already carried out or goods supplied.
Unused boxes If there are any unused boxes there may be a charge of £5.00 per box. We are happy for you to order one or two more boxes than you think you need rather than have you run out of space and have to order more boxes, in most cases there would be no charge for the unused boxes. See scale below.
Boxes Ordered Boxes Shipped Charge
1-5 4 or more No Charge
6-10 8 or more No Charge
11-15 12 or more No Charge
16-20 16 or more No Charge