Office hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm VOOVit helpline: 0151 924 4455

Office hours: 9:00am – 5:00pm 0151 924 4455

The premium you will pay for your shipment will be calculated for you based on the information you complete on the packing list. The amount will be shown on the balance payment screen when you are booking collection.
extended cover and insurance for shipments from the UK to international destinations

Extended Cover

As a cheaper alternative to commercially available insurance we offer extended liability cover that gives you similar protection as insurance. This extends the limited liability under the terms and conditions of VOOVit Ltd to the full declared value of the goods in the event of a lost box or boxes while in transit with ourselves.

We do ship many consignments without extended cover and we have set up a system that minimizes the amount of handling that your boxes will have and so reduce the risk of theft or damage. We ship PC's, musical instruments, TV's and other such items for our customers on a regular basis without problem, while there is no guarantee it does illustrate the care we take.

The premiums are calculated based on a built up value; value of goods plus cost of freight plus 5% up lift. The premium payable is a percentage of this built up value at the following rates.

3% Europe
5% USA & Canada
5.5% Australia, South Africa, Far East (inc.China ports)
6% Middle East, India, Pakistan & Sri Lanka, East & West Africa, South America and West Indies.
7% Rest of the World (exclusions apply)

Extended Cover Commission: 5% of premium

Admin fee: £2.50 per shipment.

Minimum charge: £15.00

At step two on this site you will complete a packing list and against each description line/item you declare a value, this value forms the basis for the premium. At step three, when you come to pay your final balance, you will be shown how much the premium will be and asked whether you wish to take the cover, if you take the additional cover this amount is added to your final balance payment. If you decide after paying your final balance that you would like to take the cover just let us know, so long as the boxes have not been collected it will be possible to take the cover.

Claims are limited to a maximum of £5000 per shipment and £500 to a single item/description line.

For owner packed personal effects the cover excludes claims for missing items. Claims for loss, breakage or damage will not be accepted under any circumstances for articles of; Glass, porcelain, pottery or any other items comprising glass or ceramic. Televisions, Monitors. Laptop computers or other portable electronic devices, including digital cameras, mobile phones, video players, music players. Jewellery, Musical Instruments, Artwork, Film, Photographic images (including negatives). Suitcases, cases, bags, instrument cases and the like when used as external packaging.

In the event of a claim you may be asked to provide invoices/receipts to support the age and value of your goods, claims may be rejected if you are not able to provide these details.

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